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The One Universal Truth About Successful Business Owners

They have a strong email list.

And... they wish they had started building it WAY SOONER than they actually did.

If you ask them now, they will likely attribute the vast majority of their success and revenue as a direct correlation to the size and quality of their email list.

It's something that's so easy to overlook when you're just getting started, and even after you get some traction it's easy to get lazy with.

And the craziest part?

That this is the one universal truth behind EVERY successful business owner who sells anything online, regardless of what niche they operate in.

This clearly isn't some fad or anomaly.

I learned from the sad experience of my very first product launch just how essential the list really is. For now, let’s just say that with all the bells and whistles of my program design and the sparkle of my marketing strategy, the promotion totally tanked.

The reason? I had a weak email list.

I couldn’t understand it. I’d been networking with all the right people, even getting invited to speaking engagements and guest blog spots, and I’d spared no effort to create an amazing product.

But because I was not actively focused on list building, I wasn’t able to build the business that I really wanted.

Amy Porterfield
Amy Porterfield Facebook Marketing Expert

The Truth About Email Marketing
(These Numbers May Surprise You...)

Here are the facts:

Email marketing is still KING when it comes to driving engagement, traffic and most importantly...sales. According to Statista, 86% of consumers would like to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with at least monthly, and 15% would like to get them daily.

So if you aren't building up an email list for your community, you're not only depriving your ideal prospects of what they WANT, but you're leaving a ton of money on the table.

If You're One Of These 3 Types Of People:

Person #1: You're looking to start marketing your business online, and you think an email list with people who have explicitly raised their hand about your product would be a huge help for actually generating sales online.

Person #2: You already have an existing audience on other platforms, but want to turn that audience into an email list so you can cut through the noise, make sure you aren't missed, and start generating an order of magnitude more sales.

Person #3: You're an experienced marketer who has had successfully building an email list, but want to accelerate your growth and give your audience a reason to share you with the rest of the world.

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